Crabs in barrel!

Sorry but I have to say it….we are all like crabs in barrels! Not a pretty sight.

I do not know why I am doing this, going public because normally I am a very private person.  I think somewhere in me there is a voice trying to come out. Or maybe I will have to admit I have taken seriously the flattery of ‘friends’ who said ‘go and write’ when I should have asked them, ‘what exactly should I write about?’ I bet I would have gotten a shrug or some vague comment like …. whatever. Either way I’m here.

One thing I will say though. All of this writing and angsting and fiddling around with my WordPress theme, changing this and that, looking for the best ‘free’ platform to showcase my ‘style’ which by the way, I am not too sure of….makes me FAT! Yes because I am spending time, sitting for ages, tweaking and twiddling my opinions, getting it ready to put out there, in a very public space, when in truth and in fact, I could continue to do what I do privately.

So for all of us folks out there in ‘blogosphere’ accept that you are part of the huge, far-reaching, blagging brigade.  All I can say is that I am getting on this gravy train now because I suspect, by the time the other big thing comes along, I will be too old, too frail and hopefully too smart to be putting myself out there..with all the other crafty crabs.

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