In search of style…

Halt! Where has the demure halter back dress gone to?!

Whatever happened to the humble halter back dress?! I have been searching far and wide for one. A simple A-line , preferably cotton dress. You know? Something that says feminine and stylish at the same time. Yet as I look all that I can see coming up as I browse site after site, are frothy, overdone, backless-boob-showing dresses….in jersey or some other totally unflattering fabric, that will show up all the ‘bits’ of surplus you rather keep to yourself and your dearly beloved! BTW..I think it is the increased growth in extra fat cells and folds of skin, that burdens us as we get older, that we need to incorporate into modern marriage vows….till fat do us part. It might well be one of the main reasons why some couples do part. Anyway my point is many of the halter dresses I am finding, would look as out-of-place at a girls’ brunch date, as me wearing a latex cat suit to go month-end grocery shopping. I am so puzzled and distressed over this. You just want a summery dress, with the best part of your back bared….to whizz around town in on those warm days and night. And if you live in a tropical climate it is even more of a wardrobe staple. So why all these ‘low-cut-to-the-bum’ exposed dresses, that look a bit dicey to wear during the day, seem to be the only option?
First off, I do not want to show the extra wings I have grown..ok? You know the part of your back just under your bra strap…..where there is ‘surplus’? Normally a halter would not go that low. It stops just above the bra strap, no? Where is that ‘discreet’ version of the halter gone? Where is the ‘back-shaming’ posse? Don’t those of us with ‘fat’ challenges in the back area have some rights too? Further, why was there no social movement to save the now extinct ‘halter back’ dress? And why at my age, with out-of-control expanding mammary glands must I try and fit myself into something made for the young and the boob-less?😖. Now you see why women of a certain age, have to constantly walk around with their ‘bitch-faces’….Just saying

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