Rules, rules, rules…

The entire human existence is built on a set of rules. Even when you’re blogging. After much hesitation, I decided that I would try. I dismissed the term blogging early on. And with that dismissal, I turned away from all the prophesizing about how to do it in order to maximize this or that. As I read more and more, I thought why am I paying attention to these folks who sound more like used car sales people with their levels of ‘expertise’? Don’t get me wrong. There are (were) a few bits of useful info but that was not the norm.

What if you just want to peddle your ideas? Your incoherent moments? Emotional responses to some worldly conundrum? Your frustrations with your dentist and his bad-breath? Isn’t that part of what the Internet community is about? Finding and connecting with other people? Since when has human expression become such an art that we need all of these experts to tell us how it’s done?

I don’t care about who is writing for what and for whom. I may or may not relate and that’s fine. I’m very comfortable with not being everyone’s cup of tea and vice versa. My main preoccupation is being able to write honest, unpretentious content and not pitch myself as some expert. In my real life, not everything I say or think is of interest to others. I write for me. Some may like, not like, be indifferent or even bored. It is why I honestly don’t care.



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