I like being well ‘red’…

Understanding the many shades of ‘red’ and which ones work for your skin-tone. It may not seem constructive but consider how many women are walking around with the incorrect shade of red that is not enhancing them, therefore they are not looking their best, and in not looking their best they may be under-performing, or not being nice to their co-workers, or just being totally pissed off without knowing why. Just think about it.

So to many, knowing the correct shade of red lipstick is not up there in intellectual talk. I get it. But says who? Let’s take politicians. Do we honestly think that that lot engage in constructive conversations and thoughts? When the evidence is there that anyone, with not too much sense, s#*t-loads of money, smart talk, and dishonest ways could become one? How constructive is that?

What other areas of constructive and not-so-constructive dilemmas are there? I mean, if someone is reading my blog and they see what I post – are they going to be thinking how ‘unconstructive’ I am? Perish the thought!

Honestly. I hope folks see the validity and science of my red lipstick preoccupation. Speaking from experience, when it comes to appreciating the right shade of red and what it does for your appearance women from every walk of life will get it! All races, all creeds, all hair types, socio-economic class, body types, lip enthusiasts etc and I ask you …what, pray tell, is not constructive about that?

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