Neo neo-colonialism

You know what is odd to me? Social media and the data collection and measuring of your ‘activities’ and ‘popularity’. The stats that tells you how many times etc you’ve been viewed, from which country etc. And so people kind of get to ‘learn’ what other like-minded sheep are looking for. Example…a winning topic for the ‘successful blogger, white, middle-class, urban woman, find a topic like:’ 5 things for your perfect date night’ or ‘My no-brainer chicken casserole recipe’….phew!

So I am thinking too, how so much white cultural perspectives are out there. I mean you cannot get away from the encroaching presence of white, mass thinking….in everything. How to build blogs, how to get a good brand, how to market your (black) self, how to fix your hair (providing it is Caucasian) and I’m wondering why so many ‘sheep’ are so willing to follow, including sheep of colour?!.

It’s like all the progress that was made in the real world, becoming advocates for what speaks to us, what we buy and why, who gets to speak on our behalf etc has now gone out of the door in the virtual world. We are colonised again. A set of white carpet baggers with fast internet packages, lots of graphics and endless spiel telling us, blacks and browns and in-between what works for us!

I love it! What goes around comes around….as long as a girl of colour can shake her ‘fake dyed hair, just like a white girl, we kind of reached equality. Meaning, anything whites can do, we can do too! No need for us to reinvent, reorganise, reconceptualise. Just use what our white superior super bloggers and business and marketing gurus are telling us…and they have the ‘stats’ to prove how right they are!

See for yourself. How many people I’ve known or known off, who’ve now turned into quasi experts on what they think, according to the gurus, works! Popularity, hits, views, comments…..all added up like an end-of-term exam and presented to you to show how well or bad you are doing. If you keep up the popular topics, shades of bland I call it, you win!

I am telling you, and who doesn’t agree, so be it, social media in all its forms, will the end of progressive, diverse, thinking. Sheep need to be led and in our societies, white, socio-economic, politically influenced, we will remain the bland peripheral hangers-on of social media consuming en masse their crap over and over and even inventing along the lines of the parameters they set, our own tata.

I am so loving this fest of nothingness. I could not imagine my social media life being more unfulfilling.

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