Ms Rosie…

This is me…in a humble part of town on the French side…actually it is a very poor neighbourhood…However I was drawn to this ‘mini palatial’ setting, complete with columns, among the tiny hovels that surrounded it…I could see the love in this I started taking some pics. In particular, I liked the green foliage in the front of the house. Tiny white flowers not too dissimilar from daisies. I thought this would be perfect for our back garden area. So as I am snapping this elderly friendly woman with the most perfect skin calls out to me from the yard opposite.

As it turned out she is the owner of the home. She took me on a mini tour…telling me the foliage I like is similar to that they give off a scent. She did say I could come anytime and take a clipping. Then she took me to the side of her garden showing me a flower that looked like a rose, peachy coloured but it isn’t a rose. She told me you could wash your hair with the leaves. She had perfect hair so I am thinking if she is using this..then I’m sold.

Finally sensing my enthusiasm, she offered to show me inside her newly refurbished living space…telling me how much she loved blue. Inside …was very nicely done. Chic on a budget. A spacious white living and dining space, with lots of blue accents. We chatted a while longer about old times days in the Saint Martin she loved, we exchanged telephone numbers and then I was off.

Her name is Rosie and I thought her floral name suited her fragrant personality. 🌹😊

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