Just like a prayer…

1. First Lord, no more grey hairs on my moustache and chin please..not until I am 70.😨

2. May I not fall into the trap of ‘mutton dressed as lamb’. This means, Father that you have to switch it up for me…in order that I may dress appropriately. From ‘champagne taste with beer money’ to champagne all the way…or Proseco at the very least…😒

3. Give me the strength to swan pass French pastries and desserts with grace. Cast out my lustful thoughts for all things chocolate…😛

4. May I keep my teeth forever..😬

5. Lead me away from ‘dehumanising’ situations like elections, staff meetings, crowded maxi taxis, and family bacchanal….🙈🙉🙊

6. Show me my Lord, the way to wealth…not spiritual wealth for I can get that from the hundreds of ‘psuedo-religious-New Age’ books. I mean real wealth in the form of real money like Euros, USDollars and UK sterling. Banish the evil nuisance of TT dollars from my life forever….💰❤️

7.  Lord also, may I never have to wear high heel shoes again that are made in China..from plastic and are always too shiny…👣😩

8. Please quieten the helter-skelter madness of my hormones every time a male appears. Remove the male threat from disrupting my hormonal composure. My hormones and I will thank you Father for the serenity you grant us during this tumultuous journey…👏🏽🙏🏽

9. Lord shower me with astounding social media success and savvy. On Facebook, Instagram and blogosphere. I prayer for your abundant blessings in the form of many, many intelligent and not-so-intelligent ‘friends’ and ‘followers’. Let my ‘friends/followers’ follow my ‘posts’ and ‘speechifying’ and not ‘unfriend/unfollow’ me just because ….👏🏽🌹

10. ..😇❤️

11. Dear Father..give me the strength to make the best Business Plan for my creative endeavours. That I may not bore the already stingy financiers to distraction by trying to sound knowledgeable when in fact I am clueless…🐷😖

In your good name….🙏🏽👏🏽🎈


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