Confessions of a secret meat eater…

I confess

…on the flight from TT to London…a while back,  I remember breaking my rule of eating meat-based airline food. I succumbed to their beef dish. Tiny chunks of it. As far as it being airline fare it was okay.  That airline too, Caribbean Airways, they have a really good free in-flight magazine, very arty and informative.  That publication had a feature on the upgraded food and they talked about their new ‘chefs’. Imagine that. Chefs to whizz up edible food for passengers. I wondered fleetingly, who was preparing food before? I mean, did they rotate the flight crew around to have ‘kitchen’ days – where they were in charge of prepping and cooking? Or maybe they had contracts with hospital caterers – you know they cook food in bulk, on a daily basis, for people they don’t really want to come back, or stay too long ie patients – so the food does not really matter. And airlines, although you as the passenger are paying, many times you are treated like a ‘patient’. Told where to sit, what to do and not do.. eat what is given, have your drinks rationed – kinda similar if you get my drift. Anyway the make-over airline food even had new packaging with nice designs.. and it was nice.

Best part too, was I had a sprightly, cherub-face, flight attendant guy who treated me as if I was the ‘Meryl Streep’ of the passenger list. He knew I was ‘mature’.. of a certain age and instead of treating me like an ole granny, he was happy to be attentive and caring. Plus he did not bat his long eyelashes, when I told him, as I keeled over, trying to get my head to the floor, to get the blood flowing to my head, that I did this to help with my menopause, he just smiled… knowingly and patted me on my hand and said… ‘whatever you need… just ask’…. I wished he had offered me a glass of bubbly as I was too ashamed to take advantage of his kindness and ask.

Customer care for you! He even offered to ask the Captain to turn down the temperature to help me stay cool. I think the Captain would have shoved him out of the cockpit but I just smiled, it is the thought that counts!

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