From one beloved friend to another…

Remembering both my parents…Today is the birthday of my Dad.

Words of comfort offered as I visited the home of my Mother shortly after she died…

“I suppose that your coming back in the house of your mother must be somewhat strange as her absence is very present and you cannot help to think of her.

I hope it will not bring you to a too profound nostalgia ; life goes on… it is like that.
I know that for me since my mother died , the death horizon is open as an eventuality of every day.

Hegel has said the children are the death of the parents, but the death of the parents is too, a kind of anticipated death of the children.

As long as our parents are living they act as a protection ( illusory but real) against the idea of death; when they disappear, there is no more that kind of mediation to death, you have to consider the world has something which will over-live your own death and know that everything will be the same but you will be absent inside the circle that became your world.

Don’t think to much about that – life is still the strongest force that drives us to light
so look at the light. I kiss you.”

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