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It’s official. My blog sucks!

But at least I have an online journal of sorts! 🤓 I think God’s plans for me is to make me into the female biblical Jacob without the technicolour coat but with the ability to interpret dreams and endure hardships. So that’s why the blog thing is taking so long. I have to be exiled! 👣👣👣

However, when you lot discover my ability to analyse dreams you all would find your way to me on my blog spot. I’ll wait in the meantime and practice on animals. Like this old cat, called ‘Stumbles’ because he stumbled into the landlady’s life. He lived in Bermuda. I could have predicted he would have been called ‘Stumbles’ thereby showing you all, who are not yet convinced, that I can ‘see’ the unconscious in people, in you and your dreams.😉😯

Regarding monies. I won’t charge you for the first interpretation but know this: do not come to ask me to interpret ‘play whe’ symbols or lotto numbers.😨 I am not a finance/figure dream dabbler. Go to your local ‘see-ah woman/man’ for that kind of ju-ju and make sure you have some ‘bush’ on you, to offset any bad vibes you might unwittingly pick up! I deal only with your unconscious abstract thoughts not numbers.

I hope you all like my ole time pic with the alley cat, (ignore the flying goggles on my eyes though, fashion faux pas). I can tell though, that many of you all won’t because with your bad Caribbean heritage, you are trained not to like cats because you were told they are ‘evil’. But they aren’t. They simply have a tendency to kill and sleep all day. Sounds like a typical gangster person in TT if you ask me. Nor is this is a selfie. So no need to turn up your noses. This is long before the selfie age!😇

Anyway,back to the dreaming….I do not want to give away too much of my secrets. Whilst my blog languishes in blogosphere which is a very lonely place, I will wait until Father God sees it fit to send you all to my dream tent, not a real one eh, just how you say it …figuratively speaking?

When you all do decide to come get your dreams analysed and your dramas sorted, I will set up open house and invite Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, Weight loss companies etc all those internet sites selling all manner of goods to show them I have ‘traffic’….🙇🙎🤑You all will be the traffic that will attract them. They like people like you all – mindless consumers. Okay. So in the meantime, please keep dreaming, 😴whilst I do my time in the digital wilderness, as well as ‘slaving’ away at my job, just as Jacob did, except I don’t slave for the Egyptians, I slave for the French.😤😟 Same story though, just different khaki pants!😬


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