It’s a dog’s world…enjoying the fascinating writings of a dog-lover come scientist…

Of all the books I’ve taken up recently..this one I cannot put down! Rivetting. “Not only can dogs identify individuals by odour, they can identify ‘characteristics’ of the individual. 
A dog knows if you’ve had sex, smoked a cigarette (done both these things in succession), just had a snack or just run a mile. This may seem benign: except, perhaps, for the snack, these facts about you might not be of particular interest to a dog. But they can also smell your emotions. Generations of school children have been admonished to “never show fear” to a strange dog. It is likely that dogs do smell fear, as well as anxiety and sadness. Mystical abilities need not be invoked to account for this: ‘fear’ smells.
Researchers have begun training dogs to recognize chemical smells produced by cancerous, unhealthy tissues. 

According to many doctors, they have come to notice a distinctive smell to various infections, or even to diabetes, cancer, or schizophrenia. Still, a few small-scale experiments indicate you might get an even more refined diagnosis if you make an appointment with a well-trained dog.”
NB. There is always room for further delving, questioning etc but nevertheless…a fascinating read!🎁📕🙌🏿

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