The original ‘gold-diggers’…

Boys to men….In biblical terms ‘begat’ a child means to reproduce. It does not necessarily imply in or out of wedlock, right? You just ‘make chile’ with whoever….no? Next question. Who is going to be ‘minding’ the child? So correct me if i’m wrong…in those days people were becoming ‘chile father and mothers’ without being married as well as being married….yes or no? Oh God all this to say that this marriage thing, the ‘institution’ as we know it today is man-made. What’s her name….Jane Austen and people like that, used to write about it and it seemed that MEN not women, used to marry for money. Upper class English society, no less. So today, the tables are supposedly turned. Women like money, doesn’t matter whose…yours will do nicely. They didn’t invent the tradition of ‘what is yours is mine’ ….men did. I wonder if fellas think about it like that? That if, historically, they were not so grabalicious and conniving and marrying only for the money, and then turning around and ‘horning’ (ie cheating) her….’begatting’ here and there…things could have been different, no?

Enter my fave…Kanye West for example, who made a big statement about why he liked Kim K, she had her own money! That was one of the main reasons he married her. I think he also married her because she is probably crap at rapping and doesn’t really know anything about it – so no competition/challenges for him to deal with and of course because she has a predominantly male idea of a delicious body with her big behind, long hair and succulent lips, with olive skin.   I digress. But I was thinking but what is wrong if someone marries you for your money Kanye West? Be grateful that you actually got a wife! It eh like you have any other great assets, plus money is very, very nice and very, very useful …Now if you ask me, what pray tell did she really marry him for? To get away from under her mother’s claws… maybe? To play dolly house? Biological clock? I think his money is (was) a big plus. If it were me, it would have compensated generously, for his other non-qualities that only pot loads of money can help to balance. I do not dislike him, I think he is odd, odd, odd, with quite a few faculties missing. Thanks be to Jesus though, that his money-draw faculty is there, otherwise he would have had to cut his cloth to suit his missing brain cells and take what he could get get…hooker, cooker or looker! Plus for all his brightness, he needs to check out the history of marriage and he will see. Man was doing it helter-skelter back in the day. And so him finding it hard to share his ‘mucho dineros’ with a woman got on my nerves. He is so lucky that I am no female rapper, as I would have faced off with him big time in a rap-war, with one skanky, gangsta tune.😳😁…I would have informed him, rap-style of the drama of dowries. People, in ancient times (and let’s face it it is still happening), scratching like chickens to find nice things and gold to put in a trunk to give to some man just so he could marry their pickney girl chile. Sometimes the poor families are running goat and cow and chicken and planting rice just to afford a piece of gold here and there, all to ensure some fella, most times a good-for-nothing rat, to take their daughter, put her in house to showcase her ‘culinary and breeding’ skills. All of mankind, I am thinking has done this. Not just one ethnicity. I repeat…all mankind…so let’s do a little revisionist gesture here….let us make the word ‘mankind’ obsolete. I am no Jane Austen but I’ll pen it here…Man ain’t kind….you understand?!
I am so glad my parents realised that it is better to not become marriage brokers – planning for their girl children. However we fare we fare. Marriage or ‘ole-maid’ or just ‘begatting’ children without a ring…..whatever happens happen….and so it did. Thankfully, in my family, no one got ostracised or had to run away to save face for having children out of ‘wedlock’. Nope. Some of us, like me remained childless too. So this brings me to my final thought. If a man does not want to be with me because of money (of which I have none), or a dowry (I have mainly costume jewellry), or my culinary and expired breeding skills….what is he ‘getting with me’ for? I am so not going to ask the BF that question…..Never in my wildest dreams! I rather go along deaf, dumb and blind to the answer, whatever it might be.

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