Caramel was an adopted dog. She belonged to my friend, Camille, who for a long time was, dog-less and lonely,  and who was looking for canine companionship. She came across a friend, who had a dog that she could no longer care for. Despite her friend’s dilemma, of having to give up her ‘Caramel’, the friend refused to pass on her beloved pooch to any old one. So the story goes. As it happened, Camille was ‘interviewed’ and the owner felt that her dog would be in good and loving hands with her. Deal done. Adoption finalised and off into the sunset went Camille, the happy dog owner and Caramel, the little shaggy dog.

Two years later, Caramel developed a roving eye. Used to being the front seat companion to Camille who took her everywhere in her car… (even to the gym) 😳 Lady Caramel, it seems, began to hunger for more pedestrian pursuits. Opting to steal little chances, to walk around her neighbourhood, by herself… As fate had it yesterday morning, her little Sunday ‘dreevay’ into the neighbourhood ended in tragedy. She was run over by a driver and left for dead. Her little body lying like a crumpled rag on the side of the road.

Distressed Camille had to fold her limp body into a grocery bag, then place her in a cardboard box,  to take her to her burial site…a little hole in the very same garden she stole away from, a few hours earlier. I did not bother to ask how the former owner dealt with the news. I could only imagine.

For the unkind car driver, who must have known that the car collided with something, what can I say? Given the ‘kill’ culture we are so used to, perhaps that driver just opted for the easy way what happened on the road, stays on the road. The dog’s death, like any loss, would impact on someone and to dismiss that, as many do, is a cold-hearted thing. Because for many people, in their eyes, it is just a dog. I’d like to think that there was some sympathy and consideration paid to the dead animal, by moving her to the side of the road. I don’t know. I’m just trying to be fair. Either way, Caramel, the little dog is no longer here. She took her last solitary stroll on Sunday. Camille, my friend, is naturally sad. Her little companion, Caramel has walked her way to dog heaven. Such is life…loss.💜

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