‘Trust the journey’ when I was looking for the ‘exit’ sign🙄

Wednesday, 7th day of June. A quick burst of rain awoke me around 8am…I know. Seems indulgent to be in bed on a week day, at 8am when many are already at their jobs. I am in the last week or two (I hope) of the house revamp. I can say after three long weeks of being here, every plan we had, every work schedule, each potential painter/decorator, builder, mason, none worked out. I have yet to witness a ‘service level’ that we have had here ie ‘No service’. Left baffled and beaten…there is no upbeat, new age, philosophical clap-trap that can pull me out of my negativity right now. The only line I can think of right now that helps a little…is this…’trust the journey’…yeah right! All I can say is I am trying. But I much rather  escape! I hope when we try again, in a few weeks, or even months, who knows…. that we get the results we want. Patience is virtue right? God help me with these stupid phrases I am grasping for in my frustrated moment…


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