When you have no cover for your mouth…πŸ™ŠπŸ˜ž

I have a tendency to get myself in big shits..as my partner likes to say. He’s right of course. And these last few months, I have had more than my fair share. There are so many, I swear I will have to make this a Part 1, 2 possibly 3 posts. Where do I start.

First ‘awkward moment’….with my neighbour-come-friend….over a girlfriend of hers who came to visit and I was roped into a social event with them. The friend of my neighbour was not someone I gelled with….so to speak. But I managed to drink a glass of not very good Proseco, or two…and my normally chaste tongue πŸ˜‰πŸ˜©became a little loose but I assure you, there was provocation. Actually we were in an event, and my neighbour–come-friend asked me to get the group some drinks. She said, take Blondie with you, she can help carry them. We were in a street party, so the ‘bar’ was a moving truck.

So I get there with Ms Blondie in tow and I start trying to get the woman on the truck attention…it had to be her as she was our ‘allocated server’, in charge of our not-so-good Proseco we ordered for the night.

She refused to look at me, looking right through me in fact as if I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I kept trying. Calling her by her name etc…Puzzled I sought out the help of the guy in front of me thinking I was too short so she was not seeing me. He shrugged and said ‘nah…I’m having the same issues, I think she’s allergic to blacks and browns as any white person who comes ….she serves’. ‘Are you serious?’ My voice raised so he could hear, above the fracas of the stupid song playing, actually it was a chant…”I’m a warrior, I’m a warrior…”…over and over and over…So I stood by him and watched, no longer jumping around trying to get her attention. And it was evident, that she had a soft spot for the fairer ones!😨 Little Ms Blondie, liking the VIP treatment, sidled up to me and said…’forget it, I got all the drinks for us, she’s just a little blind’. ‘For real’, I replied, ‘colour blind, in a no-service-for-me-way’. And then I let loose, about this kind of 2nd class treatment….where Blondie gets VVIP service and for the same priced ticket I get a ‘sorry-you-are-not-on-my-radar’ look, followed by….’2 vodka and cranberry, for you’ to the person (most likely a tourist ie white, behind me)😣😑…

So I told her…Ms Blondie that I am not going to keep quiet about this, it’s insulting, it’s $65 I paid, plus the cost of the gassy Proseco!πŸ˜•πŸ˜€ I will tell N, my neighbour, that she has to say to the organiser of the event, her sister, that no can do…Shades of skin tone is so old skool and here in Sint Maarten/Saint Martin some little outpost in the hands of the French and the Dutch, it’s normal. However last time I checked my $65 US did not have ‘2nd class patron’ written on it!😑

What made the situation sticky was when she tried to tell me I was over-reacting.😨😯…Little Blondie barked up the wrong tree. So I told her, well not really, if someone did this to you, I’d think you would be within your rights to ventilate, so just take your calm self and go take a little jam…Ms Warrior!!😈😳 I need to chill…without your good advice!😑

Whatever she said to my neighbour-come-friend resulted in a cold front for the rest of the evening…and the days following. I think one remark, a few days later, from the neighbour-come-friend to my face, about the incident, was that I was ‘too negative’….I just said, sarcastically, you know if the music wasn’t so crappy, I probably would not have been dying for the gassy Proseco in the first place. And to be passed over for the drink I needed so badly, well that was not happening. So sorry if that seems ‘negative’ to you.  I’m just not accepting of the status quo here in la-la land….simple as that.  


Then I said…’Anyway, no worries. You know that nice cup of coffee you gave me the other day….I could do with a cup now. You have any left?’😳

Talk done!😬

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