Everyone is so serious, especially when I look at my ‘readers’ feed. I hope my attempt at lightheartedness is not seen as a brain deficiency. You are not in a ‘virtual waiting room’ waiting to see God so you can talk your way into his good books! He knows there is drama down here. And he knows what tricks you’ve been up to. So whatever your ’cause’…preach a little..yes, we want to hear, but have a laugh too! And in the meantime whilst waiting for the world to be non-racist, open to new ideas, better gender relations, child labour and poverty to be eradicated, crime to lessen, hypocrisy to be obliterated, proper food to be grown, the pay rise you badly need, the faithful spouse who loves you no matter what, the nice house, the permanent cure for the corns on your toes, and the best eyebrows that will frame your face perfectly….just try to have a good hahaha in the meantime!😂




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