Faded grandeur…

I felt it was kinder to take pictures of the old buildings and the surroundings than focus on the people, who seemed just as tired and faded as many parts of the town itself. I think Fort de France or Martinique in general is one of the saddest places I’ve spent time in. People usually look at things like poverty and other overt signs of decay and under development that influence how they see a place. Martinique is not like crazy poor or anything like that, after all it’s still a colony of France and so things are better managed so to speak but there are major cracks. A low-skilled workforce, inflated prices and a very, very poor work ethic, worse than some other Caribbean islands I know. Everyone shuffles around, consciously subdued, heavy, tired-looking wherever you are …..in the malls on the streets in restaurants. It’s one of the few places I have been where I could find little to keep me engaged. Reminded me of my first and brief impressions of Tunisia, although to be fair I was mainly in the capital, Tunis. My point is it’s a place I will not return to even if you paid me.

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