500 years…the birth of bad, bad thinking..

It occurred to me how many films they have made on the wars of Europe. About America’s post enslavement agitations, mostly, the myth of white pioneering spirit that was more barbaric, coarse and full of lies, than anything else. The exercise in deception continued, as they tackled 19th century conflicts. Conflicts caused because of their inter-greed and rivallry. The demonising, for example of the Russians, the Germans to name two…whom they were at ‘war’ with. Fighting among themselves…so many films were made about this sordid insight into their own civic and social unrest. Hundreds.

So I ask…. for the 500 years of African enslavement….centuries of human degradation…despicable acts carried out by white people, so called religious white folks, calling themselves  ‘godly’ ….inhumane acts and thoughts, specifically targeting enslaved African men, women and children, generations in captivity…you can count the films made about this period on two hands. Yet it was a period that lasted 500 years. And when I think of the plethora of ‘westerns’…that in itself became a staple in the US..so much so it birthed an European influenced version that we know as ‘spaghetti westerns’. They churned out these types of movies like hot cakes. Lies. Very few dealt with the genocide of the Indians. Instead they perpetuated the deceit. The wicked whites. Maybe in today’s quasi-equitable, covertly racist social settings, we are not supposed to talk about the collective white psychosis that unleashed so much atrocity (and continues to do so), on the world, on nations, on blacks, and other peoples of colour. Maybe we like to fool ourselves because we see the successful black faces here and there. But that’s not an indication that all is well. It’s the opposite.

White racist thinking is pervasive. Take the US…Trump can only be sitting ugly there because of the cracks in their false veneer of ‘we-are-no-longer-a-racist-society’ and that is just the US living their own special brand of delusional thinking. Europe and elsewhere they too remain wedded to white supremacist thinking, because whether they accept it or not, their modus operandi is to remain dominant at whatever cost….and racism and dominance are two sides of the same ugly coin.

Forgive me if I say that in my view, the white western psyche is a delusional set of thinking that has caused so much disharmony and distrust in the world. Look at the long history of war-mongering and its effects. Unfortunately, for us all, they are still in wilful, ignorance. There is no group or ‘community’ of people as consistently deceptive. Sorry for the fragile, self absorbed, nay-sayers out there, who might have a problem with this. Go off and cry. Boo-hoo… false modesty and denial, because many are misguided, and misinformed and that is what is the biggest impediment to progress. Part-time activism too is a joke. Racism continues to flourish because whites are not psychologically able to deal with the ugliness of historical and present day racist thinking and practices. Heaven help us as we continue to co-exist with their armour of wilful ignorance.


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