The dwelling

Thinking of all the research I’ve done before setting up my blog. Do’s and don’ts and posting indiscriminately is one of them. Not everything is worth posting..they say. I know that, so for all the things I do post imagine the amount I don’t!😐 So I’m saying sometimes you just post..regardless of what the ‘experts’ say. These days I have less to say and more to show (you wish😲)..because I am thrown in at the deep end in a house and yard resurrection…and by catching the ‘before’ and ‘after’ I’d have a good record of the value of work undertaken. And the frustrations and moments of  sudden joy at being enveloped in its ambiance too.  It’s an old house, longing to be reinstated to its palatial setting. Decades of full-on sea breeze, unrelenting tropical sun, humidity, storms, harsh weather often brought about by passing hurricanes. Ravished, neglected, faded. Not to mention the onerous life of the occupier who spends a great deal of time away from the house. So yes, sometimes forgotten…

On top of all the ‘nature’ assaults, a plethora of ‘man-made’ disasters added to the house’s burdens. Absent maintenance staff have added their bits to the house malaise. A small infinity pool with green water and other problems, because the ‘Pool-man’ is not committed to up-keeping his regular visits, thinking it seems that the pool is sensible enough to self cleanse and self-maintain. 🙄The yardman, the housekeeper. My thing is this: seeing as there are no residents, I wonder if she brings dolls into the house and plays dolly-house?!😵 I am painting a bad picture because it is what it is…

The malaise of bad work ethics afflicts us all …in the private and public sphere. No amount of socialising agendas, schooling, civic training can remove that innate sense of ‘unfairness’ that people inflict on each other, whenever they can. Human beings are so bad-mind it is not funny! The house will survive..not sure I will though..😟..and I can say after this experience…not I. Been there done it!




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