I can relate…

Here is the interpretation of the three cards you chose

Five of Wands

The issue / root of your question:
In the beginning, your achievements felt easier won. The milestones were smaller, more easily accomplished, and there was less competition involved. But now, you’re beginning to feel the pressure of budding rivalries. The Five of Wands warns against becoming entangled with your challengers. Remain steadfast and focused on what you want, and don’t play into the drama of politics and power dynamics. Remind yourself of the ease of your early successes, and seek to emulate the confidence you attained as a result.
Nine of Pentacles

This card explores your present circumstances:
Improvements to your current status are finally at hand. Whether it be health, wealth, or related to your personal affairs, you’ll soon experience an upswing in your circumstances. Expect your health to improve, your financial status to amplify, and your personal relationships to flourish. Luck is on your side, and the Nine of Pentacles is here to encourage you on your way. Continue on the path you’ve embarked on, don’t allow yourself to be led astray, and you’ll soon be rewarded with great prosperity.
Four of Wands

This card reveals a potential future if you stay on your current path:

You feel that you’ve been working hard, and are beginning to feel the sting of frustration. It feels as if the landmark you’ve been paddling towards never grows any closer or larger. But the Four of Wands assures you that you creep ever closer to your goal. In the moment, it may feel as if there’s still much to do, but you’ll reach your destination sooner than you think. It’s important to be able to appreciate the scenery along the way.

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