Say what you mean…

Meditate with an open heart or you could end up drinking the kool-aid of some of the folks listed below.

Intellectuals bore me. Dense😖

Theorists stress me. Close-minded😁

‘Educated anal-Annie’s terrify me. Conceited😩
Preachers jar me. Ignorant🙉

Politicians irritate me. Shady😎

Business folk comatose me. Vision-less😴

Divorcées frustrate me. No goodwill😥

Pontificators confuse me. Empty🙄

Men who think and smell good excite me. Titillation😍

Glam, smart, bright women. Inspiration 😘

Children with personalities. Endearing☺️

Dogs with faces of friendship. Grateful😉

Cats with fierce independence. Admiration😻

People who stuck by me throughout. Crazy🙃

My partner…. on a good day. Exhilaration😌

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