From …The Mark of the Angel…

…”In every tale of passion there comes a turning point. It can happen sooner or later but as a rule it happens fairly soon.  The vast majority of couples miss the curve and go careening off the road, flip over and crash into a wall, their wheels spinning madly in the air.  The reason for this is simple. Contrary to what you’d believed during the first hours, the first days, at most the first months, of the enchantment, the person you love hasn’t radically transformed you.  When you miss the turn, the wall you run into is the wall of your Self.  Yes, there it is again – every bit as nasty, as petty and mediocre as it was before.  You haven’t been magically healed. Your wounds are still raw.  Your nightmares begin again.  And you’re filled with rage at the other person – because, as it turns out, you haven’t undergone a metamorphosis, love hasn’t solved all life’s problems, and you’re not floating ecstatically heavenward – but rather, as usual, pulling your own weight down here on Earth…”

In love, as in in life, we all pretend…

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