Styles of deception…

I know, I know. Always over dramatizing. That’s just how it comes out. But hear this. Imagine if you decided to write for yourself. The real you and not trying to tap into ‘what people would like’ or what’s popular, like  travelling or being strong and leadership-like 🙄, and see what happens…Make up your own content, imagine the mundane to the ridiculous, inform yourself about all the things in the world you ignore, like bombs being dropped, eroding coastlines, endless, endless cars, children close to you living austere lives, posting about being physically healthy and ignoring the increase of mental health suffering. Write about our pre-occupation with ‘happy-ever-after’ …fairly attainable for example, by investing in a white dress, hiring a planner and saying ‘I do’…🌈⛪…or by changing your diet, going green, or making posters, expounding ‘your truth’ in soundbites. Fairy tales for grown-ups…”I wonder….

Or is it easier to just peddle positivity? That good things come to those who are good, pray, vote every four years and eat healthily. In other words…’you’. ‘You’ are the success model to aspire to. ‘You’ the A-lister’ among your followers. ‘Digital shiny you’.

Write…write…write…for whom…and what shall I say?!?😩 I think I will tackle a topic about stray dogs. Yes. Who doesn’t love a nice mongrel?!😉 I hope that will help roll in some interest. 


  1. I keep telling you this is the fuckin thing self

    Write a half hour convo to have all by yourself on these same points, it’s a one woman show, can you not see amongst all your imagined negativity sometimes and dramatic way of expressing sometimes too much, at the end it’s you! Fuck what others are doing saying and projecting….digital shiny selves

    You are sitting on a goldmine, You!!! You are funny, sometimes offensive, sometimes wrong but always honest

    You can write material for a half hour and start recording yourself easy as sit, camera and click to record, have your wine, eat ya bread and talk

    If I was with you I would sit with you and produce it, in fact there is no reason why I can’t do it remotely, just get over saying how mundane all this is, because you can add value and entertain at the same time



    1. I want to add…it is ‘mundane’ and part of what I do is talking about that. Where I stand critical thinking is much more useful to me, it’s how I live. I am not here to be Ms Upbeat with something to share and/or entertain. If I had to do that I would not be here. There is alot of nonsense. In fact more nonsense than sense. So why must I suppress that view because others like you think otherwise? It’s a free-for-all and being disengaged and irreverent ….well there should be room for us too.


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