Love thy neighbour…those who feed and give you alcohol❤️🌹🤓

Out of the blue, the neighbours, realising we were in town, decided to host a soirée on our behalf. For me, this little act of kindness, in a place I know no one, was really a Godsend, and if the truth be told, not one I was expecting. The sudden appearance of a bottle of wine, made by the them!! No comparison to my Dad’s brave attempts at ‘fermentation’ of all kinds of local fruits’ way back in the day!!😁 That was my leaving present, which made my plump face light up like a 100watt bulb!😍

As I left..I thought how come they are so nice? Where have all the nice people gone?! Two landed next door to us…How easy it is for us to forget these little acts of kindness. Good food, good people = nice neighbours.😳 So show them the ❤️…

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