From one doll to another😍 …

  1. Don’t be a mani-pedi fanatic. Over-polished is over-the-top.😰There is also a difference between ‘claws’ and nails. You are not airborne, nor do you have to forage for food using your talons.🐉 Lose the claws…💅🏿
  2. Glitter, tulle, jersey, clingy fabric call unnecessary attention to parts of your body that more often than not,  needs to keep a low profile.😾
  3. Wear your clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you.🌹
  4. Try to do ‘vintage’ in a good way and choose your eras carefully. The 80’s were not good fashion years. They were positively horrifying .😭
  5. Be humourous, playful, but don’t cross the thin line between fun and clownish…🙊🃏
  6. Big hair, big eyebrows, big eyelashes…all together is a no-no!😱Think of your face like a meal…it’s all about balance!
  7. The best accessory, apart from your personality…. are your shoes! Nothing says ‘style’ like a great pair. However, ‘dress’ your feet to suit….meaning those neglected areas like toes, heels, that sometime could let the entire ensemble down just because you forgot to plaster up the cracks on your heels, or hide the fungus discolouring on your toes, cover them. Flats, slingbacks, sandals, courts, wedges, kitten heels, or stilettos, boots, or even wellies👑👠👡👢….there are choices for all kinds of feet!🤗
  8. Avoid seams in your trousers…that is so last century!😬
  9. Lip liners….where to start?!?😫 Suffice it to say your lip liner colour should blend with your lipstick 💄👄and not look like a dark smudge as if someone smacked you one!!!🙈
  10. Matchy-matchy screams EFFORT! Matching shoes, matching bag, matching belt, matching lipstick and nail varnish.😩 You’re not a box of matches, you’re a work of art!🎨
  11. PS. I still love dolls!!!

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