He say…she say😖

We tend to have these little chats at breakfast time, my partner and I. We are both too ‘old’ to take up the new habits of reading our phone screens because neither of us have proper social media accounts. He thinks Facebook is an online surveillance security system and he cannot remember the word ‘selfie’ so he says ‘selfish’ instead. ‘That’s a nice selfish’ …he would say, and I dutifully correct him…’you mean selfie’! 😞 So yesterday, the question of writing came up. Are you a writer, he asked. Without hesitation, knowing it might well be a trick question, I quickly said no. I’m a talker!😳 A conversationalist maybe?!?😣🤔

But I told him, lots of people consider themselves writers…social media style..

Well, he said, look at it like this:

I’m a driver. I know I’m a very good driver. I have driven all over the world, in all sorts of conditions. I enjoy it. I never had an accident in my decades of driving. I’m good. I have the confidence to drive anywhere.  But that does not mean I can call myself a professional driver. I can’t drive like a fast and powerful racing car, with the skill of a trained professional.

It’s the same with writing and the plethora of writers out there. What they like, or have a love for, and can do, at a certain level, like blogging, does not make them a ‘writer’, book or no book, blog or log!!!

Ok, ok I said! I got it! 😰 Don’t you have somewhere to go, where your good driving skills will take you?!?🙃