First let me qualify my heading ‘Fashion No-No’. Just wanted to grab your attention, for there is nothing ‘fashionable’ about Birgenstocks…that’s not their thing!😁 What I will say is this: whatever ails my feet…they are not for me. I find them uncomfortable.  It feels like I’m walking around with two square, cork tiles stuck to my feet! Granted….my feet are horrible, but they are not square blocks!!😒😧 No flexibility whatsoever. And if your toes are not ‘dressed’ …it makes them look worse!?!😰 It seems in order to walk in the damn things, you have to spread out your toes as if you’re trying to walk in a soggy rice field.😬 In fact no matter how many I try on they always make my feet look bad! Birkenstocks are supposed to make your feet feel better…but at what costs?!? Pig-ugly feet, unsuitable for public display?!πŸ˜–πŸ˜° No Sah!  Just doesn’t make sense. They need a marketing summit to re-think their approach. …I could go on and on…but the disaster for me …was paying €70 euros for this cork-tile design looking contraption….in over-inflated St Martin! Birgenstocks, to me, are like footwear designed for cave people…now learning to walk upright!😬😳


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