Speaking of style…

I bought only white this summer. Must be because it has been soo hot these past few months…hotter than usual. I think we are stuffed! Climate change. As our coastlines disappear bit by bit under water, we keep looking upward, to the creator, who will send for his chosen people when the time comes. Forget the folks trying to save the earth! Nobody knows exactly when, but it will happen. That said, as that ship by the creator is still to come in, (Noah and the Ark..part 2) and seeing as I might not have a ticket to ride, so to speak, because my ‘to be saved’ status expired, I have to think of dressing in a practical way, that must have some commitment to ‘style’….

My point is this: Both fashion and being holy must take a backseat when it comes to feeling cool and comfortable. White is right..in this case, I say to my fellow blacks and brownies out there and thanks be to Jesus for understanding…😉

PS…the slippers were an impulse buy, they match nothing, but are fairly comfortable, and I console myself and the 25 euros they cost me, that I am supporting a ‘made in India or somewhere in Africa’ product. At least that is what the ‘Africa-based’ shopfront says…..imagine if it turns out that some friends of theirs made it in China😳….God forgive me my lack of manafacturing savvy ….and for being ‘fooled’ by shop owners with ‘ethnic products’…that are actually mass produced by smart Chinese business folk. 

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