I had a dream…😴

As I got up this morning…it came back to me. It was so real, I thought I was in Washington ..in my new home…

(Oh…the photo is courtesy my phone..they came with the phone….bonus for all the money you spend I guess.)

I dreamt Barack and I were pals, real liming pals… him asking me about this and that. Like he knew I was smarter than him.😳 Such was his faith in me, he even made me mentor to his special love…Malia…because he said to me, she was a little ‘off track’.😬 His words, not mine. So I made her do hot yoga and forced her to come to terms with head-stands telling her it would work miracles for hair growth and brain cells at the same time! She knew I was lying but she had no choice!😬 I lectured her every chance I got invading her head space with my five-cents ‘wisdoms’!😵 In the dream, she always looked at me with fright in her eyes, but I ignored that. I was hired to make her life uncomfortable…meaning there was not a scam she could pull on me!😉 My experience with my many nieces and nephews and their errant ways, made me scam-resistant…Her Dad, my friend Barack, appreciated that quality I had too…so he gave me full reign!😀 Michelle and the ever-growing saucy Sasha were nowhere in the picture but in the dream I heard her saying to her hubby that he made a good call in choosing ‘smart me’ as his adviser/consort because as a fellow Capricorn, she knew I was really clever!😳 There I was in my dreams endorsed by the Obama’s and having the career of my life!  Life-coach and psychological well-being tutor/dictator to their beloved daughter. Then I woke up and my first thought was…sigh..my dream…their nightmare?😱😴

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