Just like a toddler…

I have come to the conclusion that my challenges with being on the internet can be likened to that of a toddler having a confusing moment. Meaning I am just over 3 years old as a social media user, and this new experience has been challenging, hence the odd meltdown or two. Nobody’s perfect.

The thing is, regarding the internet, it never interested me before except for little escapades like when I joined a dating website about 10 years ago. I don’t know if I was desperate or stupid, but I was certainly clueless. Anyway,  if it was desperation that made me do it….I soon became un-desperate when I saw the calibre of men popping up on my account. Within a few weeks  of seeing these horrible potential  ‘love interests’ I bolted from that website, taking all my personal details with me… at least I hope so. For all I know my details including the favourable waist/hip ratio I had at the time, which I was happy to brag about, are waiting to come back and bite me in the ass, as I claw my way to Bloggess stardom. Everyone has dirty laundry right?!  Anyway I’ll deal with that circus if and when it happens! Recently, my friend tried to inveigle me to take up another dating website offer. One of those first 3-months free subscription offers to find your ideal mate. I can’t remember which one it was – I think it was Match.com. Thankfully I did not pursue it.  Other than  the dating game, I had very little interest in the internet. And so having an email account was my idea of being connected.    

I am  having another dalliance. Thankfully it has nothing to do with finding a husband. I kid you not! I am simply following the fashion of blogging because I have been told that I should try it. I have been writing and jotting things down since I was a girl and so I thought, why not? I have enough written thoughts to fill a graffiti wall as long as the wall of China…or maybe my musings, might find a home on Trump’s wall if he is pursuing it still. It might stop people from jumping the wall when they could have a good read of someone who is clearly a demented loser, comforting them somewhat….ie that there are always folks worse off than you. So with that in mind, ie me putting it all out there…I asked myself apart from my pride, what have I got to lose? In fact, blogging is not as bad as being on a dating website, but it is kinda desperate, I think, as most dating websites are, even the ‘Godly’ Christian Mingle. I speak from my experience and I know that many folks are not at my level of desperation, whether they have been on dating websites, or blogging! So please don’t get your knickers in a twist and take my writings personally. I come bearing words, not arms. 😳

So I am getting ready to celebrate my 3rd year on the internet …..terrific 3’s, via my Face Book account. An account which I hardly use, but who cares? My blog started in July 2016, but it did not ‘come out’ until March 2017. I was a closet blogger for a while. So whether I stay ‘public’ or not, I will be having my 1st birthday blogging/blagging party in March 2018, with at least 5 followers coming to celebrate with me. I have a few months to jazz up the numbers so I’m going to dream big and hope by then I have at least 50 followers….I’m going for gold! I predict that more and more  ‘border walls’ will spring up as racism and xenophobia thrives. My musings could find a home, so to speak. Blagging, oh sorry….I meant to say Blogging, is already colonised by the whites…like how they’ve colonised weed production, yoga, white people adrenalin-seeking type, so I say, let them bring the walls, I’ll produce the graffiti. Your walls, my musing so!