Something old….something new…etc🤔

People like too many new things. New husbands, new shoes, new gadgets, new life! What’s wrong with ‘old’, ‘recycled’, ”vintage’ even ‘antique’?!? 

I have news for you ‘newbies’…everything that you think is ‘new’ is a take on something that came before. Whether you think you are getting a better model, an improvement, better technology…that ‘new’ thing or person, will last for five minutes, until the next ‘new-new’ one comes along. Even your ‘new’ husband is a version of the ‘standard man’ cookie cutter that society has been fooling us with from the days of the Stone Age. All those out there who are married, co-habiting, or in common-law set-ups…..they all have inner ‘Fred Flinstone’ spirits. And the trouble with that is that Fred remained in Stone Age sensibilities, with modern day clothes and trappings. We have petrol and rubber tyres so your ‘Fred’ he does not have to use his bare feet to make the stone wheels turn…but he is still ‘Fred’ with an Audi!🙄😖
The trouble with all of this is that Fred’s ‘Wilma’ didn’t remain in the Stone-Age mindset. ‘Stone-age Wilma’ does not exist anymore. She has evolved!😳 So in hindsight the only really ‘new, new’ thing we need, desperately in this world of make-believe new is truly new men. He must have absolutely no DNA connection to Fred Flinstone. None. Nada. 
If Wilma managed to break free of the constricting ‘Stone-Age era’, why didn’t Fred? I should know! I deal with a ‘Fred Flinstone’ look-a-like every day…in mind, body and soul!😱 I am no Wilma of the ‘stone-age’ so you can imagine the drama! It is just like a cartoon life, with the ‘kapows’ …..shrieks….looks of horror….flying debris ……as any normal cartoon is!😖
I am glad I have no ‘Pebbles’ ….a stone-age crisis is what I call this!🙈

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