Just thinking…




One might say, from what I post, that there is a lack of spirituality, religious confirmation, grounded beliefs. I never say anything profound, or infuse my stories with bible quotes…. But I am trusting that in time, as I continue along, as long as I am open what is to be revealed to me will be revealed. I don’t need to know everything about life…If I did the world would surely keel over and die from having to listen to me and my great orations about this and that…Speaking of being ‘open’…this clown, I found hanging in a dusty room. I put him out to sun. But not before, debating if I should dump him as he might be some grotesque effigy of evil…I tell you, sometimes I feel my brain has no option but to shut down – tired as it is, from dealing with my 101 wayward thoughts whilst I patiently await my upgraded and sophisticated thoughts impending arrival…they are coming, I hope..😖


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