Believe in your selfie…😉

Yes you should. I have seen many a post of people admitting that they clicked ‘like’ for their own selfies, which I thought was funny…I mean there is a ‘like’ button so why not use it…occasionally?!?😳 Very rarely I have seen the ‘love’ ❤️ button used…I guess that must be for only one-off, show-stopping moments of ‘self-love’!😍 Deciding to be up front about the idea of ‘liking oneself’…regardless of how narcissist it may look is sometimes taken out of context. Especially by those who exercise over-zealous self-censorship as a direct response to the many instances of idiotic displays of self aggrandisement that many social media users of all ilks are prone to. After all…we are in the age of self promotion.. I think in some of these types of posts you can tell whether or not it is playful interaction by the poster, or just some misguided person thinking that by bombarding their viewers with poses of themselves, over and over, in all sorts of mundane life situations,  is that interesting or arresting!🙄

But my point is that the temptation to record yourself, even on a daily basis, can be seen as just a ‘private’ past-time, like diary/journal entries and sometimes, when it’s funny enough or engaging…you can roll it out to your collection of friends. Having said that, I notice how many folks post to the entire internet, (ie the globe sign) and I ask myself, why does one put oneself out there in the Internet wilderness?😣 I mean, it is indeed a ravishing shot of you, but getting ‘likes’ and ‘loves’ and compliments from your friends or people on your wall should be enough ego stroking no?! Further…. let’s face it, ‘friends’ in social media language, is a misunderstood concept, for these folks you ‘socialise’ with are by and large, mainly ‘acquaintances’ …not your friend!!😬

So for me, it is those folks who are crossing friend borders into ‘looking-for-friends’, so to speak. Sometimes it is obviously a business, information-based or activist plug. I get that. But many times it is not. It is that person perhaps seeking attention…or trying to send word out to some ex-lover, husband/wife who treated them bad, or friend or boss or relative whom they may have some unresolved issue(s) with, and who is obviously not on their ‘friend list’. And that to me, is what the Internet facilitates well too, ie apart from the ‘good things’…sigh. Many consider ‘instant’ biased news or videos of cute animals, good, adding meaning to life. We all ‘self-promote’, some have  axes to grind. In that sense I can see how ‘selfies’ have become weapons of mass destruction and disruption!?!😫😖🙃 But that’s par for the course. I still like indulging now and again. The good thing is that I do them less, mainly because I do not have a flair for doing ‘good selfies’ so the mostly rubbish ones I churn out ..go straight to the bin! And because I know the wise saying…that beauty does fade, not that I had a lot to fade, but what little I did possess is indeed fading….I decided to use my wit instead. At least I try to…because I do like the line I heard from a recent television series I am a big fan off…called Versailles..yes, all about the French monarch, Louis XIV… I think?🤔 Anyway, the line goes…”beauty without wit is merely vanity”…said from one lady to another, in the Palace setting, as they faced each other off, over procuring the King’s favour….I think that’s a good line to live by, don’t you?

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