It’s a dog’s world…enjoying the fascinating writings of a dog-lover come scientist…

Of all the books I’ve taken up recently..this one I cannot put down! Rivetting. “Not only can dogs identify individuals by odour, they can identify ‘characteristics’ of the individual. 
A dog knows if you’ve had sex, smoked a cigarette (done both these things in succession), just had a snack or just run a mile. This may seem benign: except, perhaps, for the snack, these facts about you might not be of particular interest to a dog. But they can also smell your emotions. Generations of school children have been admonished to “never show fear” to a strange dog. It is likely that dogs do smell fear, as well as anxiety and sadness. Mystical abilities need not be invoked to account for this: ‘fear’ smells.
Researchers have begun training dogs to recognize chemical smells produced by cancerous, unhealthy tissues. 

According to many doctors, they have come to notice a distinctive smell to various infections, or even to diabetes, cancer, or schizophrenia. Still, a few small-scale experiments indicate you might get an even more refined diagnosis if you make an appointment with a well-trained dog.”
NB. There is always room for further delving, questioning etc but nevertheless…a fascinating read!🎁📕🙌🏿

Like a ‘Tale of two cities’….

Quoting from a synopsis..that I think speaks volumes in today’s setting, in the novel, just as Dickens asserts his belief in resurrection and transformation both on a personal level, and a societal level…I hope the same here and now. The transformation of Caribbean societies into thriving, sustainable, burgeoning life centres as we continue to race into the 21st century…In the still colonised French Caribbean, it is not difficult to literally see the co-existence of two cultures and a distinct hierarchy, with France at the top. One is indeed a city, a buzzing metropolis set out in Europe, where the seeds of domination were sown centuries ago. The other is a town, struggling, in a kind of arrested development. Pacified. Forlorn. Waiting it seems. It is why I thought of the Dickens novel. The theme of resurrection and transformation. Timeless. Universal. When will these imbalances be corrected? Rarely does a day go by without something drawing me to this ongoing state of affairs.

King Flamboyant…

This was Monday morning. Me. As I sat in the mid-morning heat, waiting, a little anxious due to administrative travel challenges, a tight deadline and the thought of missed flights..and I spotted this beauty. It stood over and extended its quiet company to me. I graciously accepted.