You know the proverb…you cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear…well I tried! That’s me on this blog, in a capsule.

I feel odd being here but at the same time, where else can I go to write, free, in an open forum, with free writing themes thrown in to help me organise my thoughts? I swear that is what swung it for me, a chance to make my own online magazine. Thanks to WordPress!😁

I didn’t really think about content and focus and the tools for monetizing my blog. I’m just experimenting. It’s something I have been saying all my life!😳

What else? I like proverbs. They just make so much sense. I would like to own a cat and a dog someday…soon before I die. And I will be trying to grow scented flowers as I believe everyone woman should have access to a scented garden, no matter how small. And if not, scented flowers in her space. That’s why I am going to try and first grow a jasmine plant..see where that goes, and also try blogging. Both require patience and a little dedication and plenty good fortune. 





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